International Theatre Workshop Series 2011

     REinventing action   07.07 - 21.07
     Actors identity   25.07 - 08.08
     Stage Fencing and Style   09.08 - 20.08  


The summer of 2011 was a true celebration of diversity!

ITL’s Theatre Centre facilitated three international workshops, attended by theatre makers from across the globe. REinventing Action, Actor’s Identity and CU2morrow gathered artists from five different continents! It was a time full of inspiring work in a supportive and nurturing environment amid the Norwegian Alps; a joyful, multicultural experience full of both passionate debates and happy chatter in a minimum of three languages at any given time.

It was a great pleasure to work with our guest instructors. Thank you all!



ITL would like to thank the members of our community for their generous contribution to leisure activities - including fishing and boating getaways, a guided tour of the day-to-day life on a Norwegian farm, and a ‘tasting adventure’ into the secrets of Norwegian culinary art.

What a way to spend a summer!


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