Again you have offered unique learning and challenges from dynamic ends of the spectrum that allowed a consistency of passionate conversation and debate. I consider this a special aspect of the whole learning experience - a proper multilingual event. This year's programme is to be commended and can only increase the integrity of a cutting edge, truly international performing arts lab.
I shall miss you and your beautiful country.

     Rick Brayford
     Coordinator and Lecturer of Acting WAAPA Aboriginal Theatre programme
     at Edith Cowan University, Australia 


I will always honour your teaching and training. Words are not enough to say thank you. Soon we will meet again and fly together for new theatrical adventures!
     Raj Gokhool
     Director of La Comedie Mauricienne Ltee, Mauritius, Africa 


Thanks to our hosts here for all their kindness, generosity and hard work - we hope to see you again soon!
     Doppler Effect
     an independent theatre company, Halifax, Canada 


I have learned so much and will be forever grateful. I look forward to seeing you and working with you again in the future.
     Maitland Schnaars, actor
     Corazon de Vaca Physical Theatre Company, Australia