Valentin Gadjokov

Valentin Gadjokov holds an MA in Acting and a PhD in Theatre Arts and Studies from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Bulgaria. With more than 40 years of experience in the theatre, he is an award-winning actor (Annual Award of The Bulgarian Actors' Union for Best Emerging Actor, 1979 and National Award of The Bulgarian Ministry of Culture for Best Male Actor, 1989).

Following a long and remarkable career on both stage and film, his work became mainly focussed on teaching and directing after the early 90s. In acknowledgement of his work as Head Principle of Bergen Theatre School and Director of Theatre Laboratory, he received the Limelight Award for innovation and achievement in the field of theatre. The focus of his work in the last several years has been research and exploration of diverse approaches in actors’ training.

He is director and co-founder of International Theatre Lab.