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International Theatre Lab (reg. no. 991 205 551) is a not-for-profit production and research cooperative run by theatre professionals. Its evolution started in 2007, when a core group of long-time members of the now-defunct Theatre Laboratory gathered to set the foundation of a new company, reflecting their increased interest in cross-cultural exchange. The company was initially founded in Bergen, Norway, but faced with the rising costs of working with theatre in an urban setting, we soon started looking for a different location that could meet our needs for long-term commitment and provide a safe environment for dynamic exploration.

In the spring of 2009, following a generous offer from Ørsta municipality, ITLab relocated its home base to Bjørke - a beautiful rural setting on the west coast of Norway with gorgeous fjord and mountain scenery. Liberated from the hard-knock life of the nomadic theatre world, we invested in and renovated the building to turn it into a vibrant Theatre Retreat Centre for artists from around the globe. Through these four years of concentrated effort, we faced many challenges, but also experienced unforgettable moments of inspiration and unity with all the wonderful, brave artists, who travelled thousands of kilometres from Australia, Mauritius, North and South Americas, South Korea and Europe, to our little village barely visible on a map.

In 2013, however, the Theatre Centre had to close its doors due to the sale of several municipal properties, including the venue where the centre is located. The loss of the Theatre Centre was very unfortunate, but the municipality was experiencing tough times, and sacrificing cultural assets in order to boost business enterprises had regrettably become a necessity. Upon closing this chapter, we wish to express our profound gratitude to Einar Muren and Martin Foldal from Ørsta municipality for being indispensably supportive arts advocates, whose guidance through the years had been of utmost value to us. 


As of 2013, ITLab has relocated its home base back to Bergen. Once again joining the ranks of ‘nomadic’ independent theatre companies, we continue our work on the move, implementing our artistic projects at different venues/locations nationally and internationally.

The company is run by four members who form the artistic and managing nucleus of ITLab, while others are hired on project basis. 

Elena Gadjokova Artistic Director 
Marielle Wolfe Board Chair; Project Coordinator 
Valentin Gadjokov Producer; Administration Manager 
Siv Saure 

ITLab acknowledges with gratitude the support and efforts of our 

Partners, Honorary Board of Advisors, Associates